The top ten things that you may want to know about Stephanie:
10. She married her High School Sweetheart in 1993 and is still very much in love with him.
9. She has four children. Three boys and one girl. All ranging in age from 27 years old to 20 years old. She also has 6 grandchildren. One girl and 5 boys ranging in age from 10 years to infant.  
8. Having her children did not come easily and she appreciates them so much more because of that.
7. She has a heart for children and animals and will always advocate for them no matter what.
6. She gives more than she ever makes. She is passionate about photography and preserving memories.
5. She wears her heart on her sleeve and lives fully, never fearing hurt.
4. Her baby brother, Jimmy, died tragically in an accident in 2005. At first she wasn't sure how she would live without him and then she decided to live for him. He is why she gives so openly to those that are hurting. He would have and always did the same. Stephanie knows that Jimmy is in Heaven and she is so thankful to God for saving a place for her. 
3. She believes in second chances for everyone but also refuses to enable someone or to be taken advantage of. 
2. She loves her family and friends fiercely and will always put them first.
1. She falls in love with every single child that ever graces her with their presence. Chances are that if you walk into her life a stranger, you will leave a friend. 
The top five things that Stephanie loves to do for fun:
5. She also likes to crochet and play with sublimation.
4. She comes from a long line of seamstresses.  When Stephanie is not working, she loves to sew, embroider and applique anything that she can get her hands on.   
3. She loves to spend time alone with her husband, Trevor. They have a date night at least once a week and they travel in their RV as often as they can. 
2. Stephanie enjoys spending time with the little one's that she is closest to. She has 6 grands kids that call her Mimi and two God daughters . The little one's in her life keep her young!
1.Her absolute favorite thing to do is take her family to Disney, Busch Gardens and Sea World.